Welcome to ScaryNet

Welcome to the website of the ScaryNet IRC Network

Scarynet is a network dedicated for you to have a nice chat. We mainly focus on providing free webchats through various ways of connectivity. Our servers are running on a modified version of the Undernet ircu code. Sources can be found here. This version supports clients connecting using the plain IRC protocol.

The best way to attempt to connect using your irc client is by using irc.scarynet.org.

IPv6 support

ScaryNet allows connections using IPv6. Both our websites and client servers are accessible using it.

Please note that this page is constantly changing. Should you have questions, comments or suggestions, then please contact us in #ScaryNet or #CService where you will find most of us.

Our goals

Our main focus is to provide a nice enviroment for you to chat on. And to provide you with easy to use facilities to create a decent webchat for your project. We think everyone should be able to add a webchat on a site for the community the webmaster wants to establish. Think about the fact that a webchat may enable your visitors to meet and discuss about the topics your site deals with. Also a webchat can result in a higher load of visitors and users remaining longer on your site.

Another goal is to provide a friendly network. Most networks have a huge amount of users but are not friendly. The opers are hiding from the users because they are afraid of getting flooded and attacked if an oper would provide a response a certain group of users would not accept.

We want to grow, but remain friendly. We want to interact with our users and help them whenever help is needed. We do NOT hide from users and we even implemented features in the software to make it easy for users to find people willing to help.

Our website is made in a way that it should be selfexplaining and provide most general questions, even the less general ones. And it is constantly getting updated to provide more. You will also find some basic information about IRC and we are about to provide advanced information about the possibilities of our network as things progress.

Webchat on your site?

ScaryNet provides all the resources you need to integrate a webchat on your site. You can choose between a Java or CGI based enviroment. The CGI based enviroment is very usefull to enable clients that do not have the option of using the IRC protocol since it could be blocked by the network administration. This is also usefull in case you are behind a firewall or use an anonimizing proxy system like The Onion Router.

In case you are interrested in adding a webchat on your site, please check the webchat section in the above menu for more information. You can also always ask one of our staffmembers in order to guide you. Or contact us in case of questions, comments, suggestions not covered by this site.

Webchats can look as easy as a single button on your site and us providing the enviroment your users will use to chat. Below you see an example of a webchat button as generated by our Webchat code generator. It uses the CGI enviroment called cgi:irc.

Want to chat with us right now or got questions/comments ? Simply enter a nickname to use and click on the "Chat" button.

Save resources!

If you don't want to run an ircd on your own, you can simply add an alias for irc.yourdomain.tld to irc.scarynet.org and we'll take care of the rest. Some networks for example only have a small amount of users and our net is growing every day (see statistics). Thus giving your users the chance to meet more people. Just consider it, it does save you resources.

Moving your project?

We offer full support to move your projects mainchannel to our network, including instant registration of the channel. The minimum requirement is an amount of 20 users for this instant registration. Send an email to Project Movement Assistance for more information. We are able to enhance your project with Java/HTML Based chatclients without the need to sign your own applet.