Projects - BOINC


What is BOINC ?

BOINC stands for Berkeley Open Infrastructure for Network Computing and is a software platform for volunteer computing. BOINC lets you donate computing power to scientific research projects. Currently ScaryNet participates in a couple of the projects that work with BOINC. The official website for BOINC is here.

Great, where can I download BOINC ?

The official download page for the application is here. Just pick the right application matching your operating system and you should have it up and running without twiddles. Currently supported operating systems are:

Ok, I got it, now how do I join one of the projects you also participate in ?

The method of participating in a project is called attaching. When you want to attach to a project you will need a so called project url. Here is a list of projects ScaryNet currently participate in:

I see you have setup a team. How do I join it ?

Very simple, once you have setup an account and attached to the project, check the teampages in order to be able to join it. We've provided both a link to the team stats/information as to a direct link to join the team.