ScaryNet Channel Service - CService Committee Guidelines

The Channel Service Committee Guidelines

A few words

The CSC (Channel Service Committee) gives the opportunity to users to manage a channel by registering it and being provided with the W bot. This is *not* ownership because the service will only be placed on the channel if there is a general demand for it. It can't be used in channel wars/opwars, or in any attempt to "take over" a channel. The purpose of this service is to help users maintain/protect their channels, service which can and will be revoked at any sign of abusing from the channel manager/ops. The channel manager is expected to participate in the channel on a regular basis. If it's found that the manager has not logged into W within a period of 21+ days, a vote for a new manager is posted for the channel trusted ops (400+). If the manager does not return within this vote period and also the channel ops fail to vote a new manager, the channel will be purged.

If you have a specific question regarding the Channel Service mail Channel Services

Committee Guidelines

Committee Procedure

Registration Process

IMPORTANT: Channel registrations are here to help established channels, not to start them. You should only be applying for a channel if you have a regular userbase to the channel.


The Channel Service will not be responsible for any activity that occurs on the channel. Anything that occurs on the channel are the responsibilities of the people involved and has nothing to do with the Channel Service, it's Administrators and the ScaryNet as a whole, including the operators that run it. The guidelines may change without notice.