Games - The Online Kilometer game


The purpose of this game is to reach 1000Km with your 'car'. For this purpose you are given 5 cards to begin with. There are cards for gaining distance (black), accidents to others (red), protection (blue), and item (green) cards. Your car starts with 0Km on the gauge and RedLight.

How to play the game

The game is played on our network in the channel #ScaryGames/Km. Join there and type the !go command. This will enlist you in the game. Should a game already be running you'll need to wait until the round is over. There is *NO* Limit on the maximum amount of players for this game. The minimum amount is 2 players. As soon as the minimum amount of players has been reached, a timer of 2 minutes will start. Other players are able to join within that time.

Once the game starts, you will receive 5 cards through notice from Km like this:
-Km- Your cards are: 25Km SpareTire 25Km EndLimit RedLight
-Km- You've obtained: Nitro
-Km- Your cards are: 25Km SpareTire 25Km EndLimit RedLight Nitro

Where the type of the cards can be one of the following:

On the channel you will see something like:
<Km> It's Players's turn.
<Km> Gauge: 0Km | Status: RedLight

Gauge shows you the current distance you travelled already. Status shows the state your car is in.
If your status ain't GreenLight, then you need to investigate why you cannot drive and fix the issue using either a green or a blue card to get further.

If you have a card you want to play, use the !play command with the name of the card after it. For example:
!play greenlight
You can only play cards that you own.

If you do not have any cards you can use to !play, then you need to throw a card away using !throw. Example:
!throw fuel
You can only throw cards that you own. It is not advised to throw blue cards, play those instead as you will also gain 100Km, no matter if your car got damaged or not.

Elimination of players

The game needs a winner, but in the long battle, users may already have left the game.
A player gets removed if one of the following situations occurs:

End of the game

The game may end due to one of the following reasons: