SMS - Send messages to users and friends by SMS


In these days of live. Everyone is busy, and most people don't have time to be online on IRC or IM's all the time. Everyone is hard to reach and SPAM makes it hard for you to reach him by email, since your request for contact might end up in the trashbin, together with thousands of other mails.

One of the many popular ways of communication these days is SMS. Almost everyone has a mobile these days. But the issue is, not everyone is willing to share his number to simply everyone. This is where we are able to provide a service to be able to get in touch with each other and not need to pass out your precious cell numbers.

Privacy Guaranteed

Your number is kept in our database and will NOT be used for any commercial activities or sold to third parties. You can also define, whether you are available to everyone, or if they have to get your permission first, or not being visible in the list of users at all (you can still send messages, but they cannot send you messages by SMS through our system)

How it works

The system is very easy to use. In order to send messages you need to obtain credits. Messages are also charged in credits. Depending on the country the receiver is in and the operator he/she uses, the prices may vary. You pay exactly the credits price as we would need to pay it at our gateway provider at no extra charges at all.

In order to receive SMS messages from other users you will need to provide your cellular number. After you entered your number, you will receive a message containing an authorization code in order to verify the number you entered is really yours. This is in order to prevent abuse.

When you want to send a message to a user, simply enter the username of the user and the message you want to send him. Should the user be subscribed to our system and authorized you to send him a message (unless he is set public, which means you can simply send the message, or unless he is set invisible, which means you cannot sms him/her), then the message will be transmitted to the receivers cellular phone. You can also use this system to send messages to any other cellular phone that is SMS capable. Worldwide !

The costs

As mentioned earlier on this page we use a credit based system. Each credit costs €0.05. The minimum amount of credits to buy is 200 credits (€10.00). Credits are added to your account as soon as the payment has been received and everything is done through paypal. Which means you can pay using your bankaccount, any creditcard or any other method paypal accepts.

The costs of the message sent to a user depends on the country and provider the receiver uses and are between 0.5 and 3 credits.
For example a message to the netherlands costs 2 credits (except tele2 mobile, 0.8 credit), a message to norway 0.8 credit (all providers), USA 1 credit, Morocco 0.8 credit and so on. But, if you only have one credit left and you need to send a message to someone that would cost you 3 credits, bad luck for us, good luck for you, because we will still send out that message for you!

How to sign up

All you need to do is register an account at our channel services page, the same account can also be used for this service. At the moment the system is under construction and we are hard on getting it to live as soon as possible. Should you have comments or suggestions, do not hesitate to tell us.